When Not to Resist Evil


Jesus taught, “But I say unto you, do not resist the evil man who injures you; but if anyone strikes you on the right jaw or cheek, turn to him the other one too.”

In Jesus' historical context this meant “resist not evil with violence.” Turning the other cheek was a way to stand up to those who had power over you and turning the insult back upon the one who slapped. It was a non violent way of saying, “You don't really have the power to hurt me! Here is the other cheek if you think striking it will change anything.” This was self assertion in a public situation without getting yourself killed or really hurt.

But Jesus was a teacher of of wisdom for life. He was not a teacher of rigid law. Wisdom knows when non-violence is best, but it knows that sometimes, as in WWII, the best response to evil is to take your weapon and fight back.

Ghandi's non violence based on Jesus teaching worked in India to win her independence from Britian but it would never have worked against Nazism. Sargent Alvin York, the most decorated American soldier of WWI, was a follower of Jesus' teaching of non-violence. But fighting in the European Theater, German snipers were killing his friends all around him. Then he decided the only way he could stop the killing was to do some killing of his own. He “injuned” out into the woods as he did in the Tennesse mountains when hunting for food. He fired his bolt action rifle 48 times and 44 Germans fell to the ground. Next, 98 German soldiers surrendered thinking they were surrounded. York and his remaining platoon marched the 98 POWS back to allied lines. This was Jesus' wisdom.

But in many situations resisting the evil in a non-violent way does the most good. Take the war on drugs in our society. Our response was to declare war on this great social problem with violent harsh mandatory sentencing on anybody touching drugs. This has made our drug problem, financial problem and prison all worse. It has overcrowded our prisons and made hardened criminals out of many nonviolent offenders whose lives were totally ruined by the harsh sentencing. Probation and other programs would have been best for many of these offenders and much cheaper for society.

Jimmy Carter said, “Penalties for the possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of a drug itself.”

Bill Clinton, “Obviously, if the expected result was that we would eliminate serious drug use in America and eliminate the narco-trafficking networks, the war on drugs hasn't worked.”

Rick Perry, “After 40 years of the war on drugs, I can't change what happened in the past. What I can do as the governor of Texas is to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization and keeps people from going to prison and destroying their lives.”

And the War on Terror and going into Iraq is another example of violence being the wrong response. It did no good for us or anybody and only made terrorism worse world wide. Our military people have paid dearly for it and so has our country and the world. There are times that violent resistance to evil is the best and only thing to do. And there are times violent resistance makes it worse. Arrogance that thinks one can whip anybody or everybody always makes the violence worse, solving nothing. We need the wisdom of Jesus.

Reagan Was Wrong

Reagan Was Wrong



President Reagan was wrong. Government is not the problem! The lack of good strong government is the problem. Americans have trouble remembering an uncomfortable truth that “it takes government, a lot of government for advanced societies to flourish.” (From American Amnesia by Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson.) And that government must have what our founding fathers called legitimate force or coercion to make people send their children to school instead of to the field or factory and to prohibit businesses or people from dumping poisons in water or air, and to force all to contribute to meeting the expenses that help the whole community. Unless government has the legitimate power to protect the liberty of everyone, then there will be liberty for only a very few. Government only works when it can force by law everyone to do things for their own good and the common good. The writers of the constitution were well aware of this.



Romans. 8: 1-2 (NIV) says “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.”

Bliss is perhaps the most important attribute of God. Bliss is not happiness. Happiness comes from experiencing good things. But when you are happy for no particular reason except that exist, you are in a state of bliss, no matter what your circumstances.

God made us from a state of bliss; it is the true nature of our existence. It was before our body was; it is nearer to us than our mind. It is our natural state. It is part of Jesus meaning behind his powerful use of the expression “I am!” “We are!” And we are bliss like unto God. We must simply believe in our bliss and choose to be aware of our connection to him.

Jesus, in spite of his sorrows and troubles lived in a state of bliss for he was like God. We can be like him if we choose to be aware of our connection to God and accept the grace of it. Bliss is the nature of our true existence.

The two most powerful words we can utter in faith are “I am” and then believe I am by grace of creation bliss like God. This is the law of the spirit of life shown in Christ which “sets us free from the law of sin and death.”

The law of sin and death operates through the illusion that we are separated from God , but we are not. We come from God; we are connected to Him, but we must choose to believe this and live in awareness of our gracious connection to Him.

Then we experience bliss and realize it is our natural state. There is no condemnation present when we choose to know the bliss that sustains us.

When we rejoice in the bliss of just being, we come to know pure love, we embody it. It is a love we give to no one nor do we deny it to anyone. We simply radiate love like light from a great fire to all around us, naturally, blissfully. There can be no condemnation, not even from our own hearts that will effect us when we like Jesus are happy simply because we exist by the grace of our Creator. We do not need objects, even the opinion of others to make us happy for we are happy simply because we are and we are connected to God!

Escaping Prison


In Luke 4 Jesus announced his public ministry by stating that God had sent him to release the imprisoned. We each are prisoners of our past social conditioning. If we fail to realize that, we never escape our imprisonment to grow into our best selves. Jesus' spiritual path is one on which we learn to liberate ourselves.

We learn to liberate ourselves by questioning everything, parents, raising, beliefs, politics, church, dogma, theology, Constitution. We must question every authority, everything we have been taught and see what stands and what falls. By questioning honestly, we learn what makes us tick and why we do and believe as we do. Otherwise we are doomed to live in the prison of our past conditioning and never growing beyond what we know.

We will never know the joy of greater freedom, of discovering our own divinity in the image of God which is the knowledge Jesus wants us to gain that we may also be sons and daughters of God fulfilling our potential. We will be doomed to repeat the self defeating patterns of our families, our culture, our churches and other institutions.

Without questioning we will never know freedom from our socially conditioned compulsions and habitual behavior patterns. We will stay a workaholic, an angry person, a worrier, a slave to self destructive behavior because we do not question the various authorities that formed us to see where it was right and where it missed the mark.

To know freedom is to be like God which is what God made us for. It is to be able to enjoy the choices we make in each moment that bring happiness and peace to us and those affected by our choices. This present moment freedom comes from questioning everything so that we escape our prisons and become the best self that we can possibly be. It is our moral obligation to become as intelligent and knowing as we possibly can.

As a great philosopher said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Neither is the unexamined faith, church, constitution, career, or marriage. We can escape our socially conditioned prisons and be free to become our best, highest selves which is what the way of Jesus is all about.

Unity or Separation


I seek to follow Jesus' way of life, a way of unity with God, others and ourselves. I am not an admirer of organized religion's interpretation of the way of Jesus which emphasizes separation.

For me, organized Christianity is too focused on humanity's separation from God. I prefer to focus on humanity's unity with God. I believe we are all by grace are connected to God in our souls but of course we are not all aware of it. Conversion is choosing to become aware that our inner being is where the Holy Spirit abides.

The illusion of separation is our reality if we believe it. God has given our inner being the power to create any reality we choose. But if we choose to be aware that the Divine Spirit abides in us, we grow in the reality of unity with God, others and the universe. This is the beginning of discovery of our own divinity. Did not Jesus teach that we could become as he is?

The gospel of Matthew places a terrible doctrine of fiery Hell on Jesus lips about a dozen times. Without Matthew we would hardly have a mention of Hell in the New Testament. Could Matthew have been overly angry at his fellow Jews who did not follow Jesus as Messiah when he wrote around 85 A.D.? I believe he was because history shows that we get most hatefully angry at those of our own group and class when they strongly disagree with us on something very important to us.

I believe Matthew would never have written that way if he had a greater sense of unity with God, his fellow man and his own soul. Charles Spurgeon developed the same hateful attitude towards a group of Baptists in England who broke ranks with him over a doctrine he cherished. He excoriated them them and it became a black mark against his career as the Prince of English preachers.

His Calvinistic sense of separation from God and others contributed to this error, ibelieve.

This kind of thing always happens when we focus on separation instead of of our gift of unity with God. We are born connected to God in our inner self, soul. But the illusion of separation tends to spread its darkness over our hearts. But God's grace has given us each the gift of unity with Him within us. We need only choose to become conscious of God, of Christ within us and live accordingly. Then we begin to realize our own divinity. “Is it not written that you are gods?”


A Life Changing Coincidence


Here is a true, factual but fantastic story that is somewhat like a fairy tale It is a life changing coincidence. Fairy Tales are fantastical and magical stories but if children learn their lessons, they will become wholesome, loving adults. If you will receive the message of this amazing coincidence it will make you a more wholesome, loving person towards all people.

Over a thousand years ago in Medieval Europe a new sect of Judaism arose known as Kabballah. For a few centuries it greatly influenced many intellectuals in Europe. Kabballahists were not nut cases. They were mystics but sought through ritual, prayer, meditation and good works to bring healing to suffering humanity and renewal to the hurting souls upon the earth..

The sacred text of Kabbahallah was the Sepher Yetzirah which taught that God used the letters of his name to create the universe. They considered the all consonant letters of the Hebrew alphabet sacred and powerful. Their great mystics sometimes received God's guidance in the form of a vision of burning Hebrew letters that spelled a message for them.

The most important and used name for God in the Old Testament was written YHWH in Hebrew and pronounced Yahweh. The Hebrew alphabet was all consonants. Vowels were formed by placing dots or other markings around certain consonants.

In 1953 our modern scientists discovered human DNA. DNA is composed of four different amino acids combined in a great variety of combinations to form different DNA molecules that determine everything about our human body. These four different acids are composed of just four different aelements: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon. These elements account for over 99% of our bodies and are the most abundant elements composing the Earth.

Each element has an atomic mass. The simplified mass which drops all the decimal points is 1 for Hydrogen, 5 for Nitrogen, 6 for Oxygen and 12 for carbon. The ancient Hebrews used the letters of their alphabet for numbers. So in Hebrew the numbers defining their atomic mass would be Y for 1, H for 5, V for 6 and G for 12. So using their atomic mass for identification you could write the four above elements as YHVG. Now underline these letters YH and VG and YH underlined is an abbreviation for writing God's name YaHWeH. Then GH underlined is an abbreviation for the body or mankind. Thus when writing the atomic mass for the four main elements of human DNA in Hebrew you are writing a code that says, “God in the body,” or “God in mankind.” And this code is the same for all of mankind no matter what their race, creed, color, or belief systems. You also get the exact same message if you use the Arabic alphabet which also used their letters to represent numerical values.

So, here you have the alphabets of two ethnic groups which have been at each others' throats for over 2,500 years and their way of numerically expressing the atomic mass of the human DNA code yields the message that God's name and imprint is in their bodies. The message of this coincidence is that we all are brothers and sisters. We are a unity and must learn to work that way with each other or our world will self destruct.

The odds of this coincidence occurring in just this way are 1 in more than 234,000 chances. So, I think this coincidence is a message from God telling us what the Bible tells us which is that love builds up all things but hatred, bigotry and prejudice destroys all things. Francis Bacon wrote, “The inclination to goodness is imprinted deeply in the nature of man.” This goodness is our uniqueness as a species. If we pay attention to it and listen to our own souls, we can learn to save our world.


Growing in Meditation



Meditation is deep, focused, continuing thought. It is thought done in a quiet peaceful mind that you learn to empty and sometimes maintain long periods of silence. For the most intuitive insights come from a silent, undisturbed mind that simply rests and receives spontaneous answers to life's problems, God, and the self. It is also effective in mental and physical healing. It can help anybody to attain a stronger focused mind, a calmer more peaceful mind, a mind free of turbulence and focused on the present moment.

Meditation's many benefits can be achieved without the practitioner being particularly religious in a traditional sense. But if practiced well, one has to desire to become their best self and that in itself is a great religious value. Christians should not fear meditation. The way of Jesus is full of meditation and contemplative prayer which is basically a form of meditation. That is what to Jesus was doing when he prayed all night. Meditation can open us up to intuitive knowledge that comes from the depths of our own soul and subconscious mind.

Deepak Chopra's wonderful book, “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire,” teaches one to meditate. It gives you seven meditations, one for each day of the week to be used morning and evening. These are ancient, predating Christ at least 1500 hundred years. Each one takes from about 10 to 30 minutes depending on how you focus on it. They are carefully built on each other and over time of practicing them you begin to discover their great psychological depth. Repeating them imbeds their truths deep in your subconscious mind enabling you to recognize better the Holy Spirit's guidance and miracles in your life.

The seventh meditation is about learning to recognize God's guidance through the coincidences of life. Coincidences are messages from God. The meditation has 15 exercises which you are to say out loud and think on for a minute until what you imagine sinks well into your mind. Then you repeat an affirmation which is, “I am awake and alert to coincidences and know they are messages from God. I flow with the cosmic dance (which is a poetic way of saying, “I dance to the will of God.”)

I challenge you to try it. You may find a very fun and awakening experience.




Blessed Are the Poor

Blessed Are The Poor Matthew 4: 1-3 (NKJV), “And seeing the multitudes, He went up on the mountain and when he was seated the disciples came to him. Then he opened his mouth and taught them saying: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This would be blessed are those who see their need. Matthew says this sermon was set on a mountain. Thus Jesus is pictured to be like Moses as He gives his new law and grace from a mountain. Matthew is writing for a Jewish audience, thus he replicates events in Moses' life to tell the story of Jesus and better hold the Jewish readers attention. Luke 16: 17 states that Jesus gave his new law on the plain after coming down from the mountain. Matthew says “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” while Luke puts it simply, “Blessed are the poor.” I am guessing that Luke's version would be the most accurate because Jesus' ministry was for everybody but he strongly emphasized meeting the needs of the poor and oppressed. Mattthew 6:12 says, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” While Luke 11: 4 puts it, “Forgive us our sins; for we also forgive everyone that is indebted to us.” Many Christians pray, “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have tresspassed against us.” And this is all right. It is a good way to pray. But I like the emphasis upon the poor and upon the debt and debtors. After all if you are willing to forgive a debtor you would be prone to forgive some other wrong. I like it this way because the poor and destitute of Israel were turning to Jesus for hope of a better life in every way. Matthew is thought to be written about 85 A.D. By a Jewish scribe or scribes in the Jewish Christian Church of Syria. This would be 55 years after Jesus' resurrection and perhaps the church here was more prosperous than many other places and Matthew thought “the poor in spirit” would make more sense or be more appealing than “Blessed are the poor.” Whatever, salvation means many things. One of many things it means is realizing and rejoicing in our unity with the poor and oppressed. God has a prejudiced love for the poor and oppressed peoples.. And in a sense we all are in some way poor and oppressed which is being poor in spirit. But how we treat the downtroddened of the earth is a true reflection of the state of our soul. The kingdom of Heaven or Rule of God is in everyone because our souls are connected to God. Jesus here teaches this blessing belongs to poor as much as anyone. But many, poor or rich, are not aware of the presence of Divine Spirit in their lives. Conversion to Christ is becoming aware of the Kingdom of Heaven within us and choosing to consciously walk according to its guidance. To realize the Kingdom of Heaven within is to come to our true self and begin discovering the riches God has stored in each of us. For each of us is a field of all possibilities. Blessed are the poor for the grace of God is for them and in them. May we who are aware of this help them and everyone we meet to realize the Kingdom of Heaven in themselves. May we live in unity and peace with all people. When you look at the poor, you are seeing yourself in a mirror but they appear differently.

Beginning of the Spiritual Path

Beginnings of the Spiritual Path

The spiritual path for many begins with a perception of separation between us and God. It does not have to be that way but it often is. In many instances life is pictured as a war between evil and good. It does not have to be that way but it often is. It is portrayed as a duality at the start of our path and in many traditions Satan is almost equal to God. But this is not so.
When we choose to believe in the God who is within us and that we are always connected to Him, we then grow in unity with Him. Light and dark are brought together with the light dominating. The potential of evil will always be within us for we are made in God’s image and are free to choose. There is no freedom of choice if there is no option. But in God consciousness the knowledge or potential of evil serves to teach us the good of God’s way which Jesus taught. Without the contrast of opposites it is very hard to learn.
When we choose to believe in the God who is within and that we are always connected to Him in our soul, then we through our conscious choice grow in the understanding of our unity with God. Light and dark are then brought together with the light dominating. The potential for evil will always be within us for we are made in God’s image and we are free to choose. But when we live in God Consciousness the potential and knowledge of evil serves only to teach us the good way of spirituality and life.
We always learn from opposite values by their contrasts. The person born blind can never conceive light fully because he knows only darkness. So when you choose unity consciousness with God the struggle between good and evil ceases. All the dark values in life become teachers of the good by their contrast when you live in unity and peace with God and the moment. This is how Jesus could accept the problems and awful injustice in his life.
Walking in this spiritual path begins to reflect these changes in your thinking: “Negative thoughts are replaced by positive ones. The mind becomes calmer. Thinking becomes clear and simple, clouds pass away. Doubt gives way to certainty. Obsessive and compulsive thoughts lose their grip. Memory no longer haunts you with regrets. You fantisize about the future less. Solutions to problems appear more easily.” (Taken from “The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra.)
This is what God wants for us, for did not Jesus pray in John 17, “Father, grant that my disciples may be one with each other and one with you as you and I are one?”

I Am That Which Thou Art

Genesis !: 26-28 tells us that we are made in the image of God. Jesus came to show us that by grace we can learn to see that we too are son of God or daughter of God. God desires no less than that we recognize our connection to Him and thus realize our own divinity as Jesus sought to show us.
Like God we have the potential for good and evil as all free creatures do. But God does not choose to ever express His potential for evil only for good. But only by understanding and being able to be evil do we understand what evil is. The coexistence of opposites is always necessary to be truly free. Giving into evil destroys freedom. Overcoming evil with good establishes freedom. So us having the potential for evil does not disqaulify us from looking to God and saying, “I am that that Thou art!”
Hebrews 11: 6 says, “He that comes unto God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of
those that diligently seek Him.” God rewards us by revealing to us that we are connected to Him and not separated from Him and that we are that which He is. When we believe in this unity with God we are empowered to say, “I am that which Thou art!”
Here is an example of this works. God is nourishing of all creation. The Bible, science, philosophy, great theologians from many traditions all agree that God or whatever you call the ultimate source of the universe is nourishing of all that is. Quantum physics calls this nourishing source the unified Field which they have discovered as an intelligent field that hold all existence together, integrating, correlating, nourishing all existence in every moment. Some physicists like Max Plank calls this Field the Divine matrix. Some say it is not only a field of intelligence but it is also conscious. But something or God nourishes everything, “from a tree, to the movement of stars and galaxies, to the migration of birds, to the movement of our own immune system, to the digestive process that is taking place inside us to the beating of our own heart. All this is nourished.” (Deepak Chopra, “Creating Affluence, page 88).
When we wake up to being truly in God’s image and that “we live, move and have our being in Him,” (Acts !7: 28), we can say, “I am that which Thou art. Thou art nourishing of all that is. I too am nourishing. I can nourish the health and longevity of my body by what I do and eat and how I think. I can nourish all whom I meet with love, friendship, peace and happiness. I can nourish nature by loving it, caring for it and respecting it. I can nourish all that I touch. I am that which Thou art. I am nourishing!”
The Lord Jesus who came to nourish our souls would appreciate this.