I Am That Which Thou Art

Genesis !: 26-28 tells us that we are made in the image of God. Jesus came to show us that by grace we can learn to see that we too are son of God or daughter of God. God desires no less than that we recognize our connection to Him and thus realize our own divinity as Jesus sought to show us.
Like God we have the potential for good and evil as all free creatures do. But God does not choose to ever express His potential for evil only for good. But only by understanding and being able to be evil do we understand what evil is. The coexistence of opposites is always necessary to be truly free. Giving into evil destroys freedom. Overcoming evil with good establishes freedom. So us having the potential for evil does not disqaulify us from looking to God and saying, “I am that that Thou art!”
Hebrews 11: 6 says, “He that comes unto God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of
those that diligently seek Him.” God rewards us by revealing to us that we are connected to Him and not separated from Him and that we are that which He is. When we believe in this unity with God we are empowered to say, “I am that which Thou art!”
Here is an example of this works. God is nourishing of all creation. The Bible, science, philosophy, great theologians from many traditions all agree that God or whatever you call the ultimate source of the universe is nourishing of all that is. Quantum physics calls this nourishing source the unified Field which they have discovered as an intelligent field that hold all existence together, integrating, correlating, nourishing all existence in every moment. Some physicists like Max Plank calls this Field the Divine matrix. Some say it is not only a field of intelligence but it is also conscious. But something or God nourishes everything, “from a tree, to the movement of stars and galaxies, to the migration of birds, to the movement of our own immune system, to the digestive process that is taking place inside us to the beating of our own heart. All this is nourished.” (Deepak Chopra, “Creating Affluence, page 88).
When we wake up to being truly in God’s image and that “we live, move and have our being in Him,” (Acts !7: 28), we can say, “I am that which Thou art. Thou art nourishing of all that is. I too am nourishing. I can nourish the health and longevity of my body by what I do and eat and how I think. I can nourish all whom I meet with love, friendship, peace and happiness. I can nourish nature by loving it, caring for it and respecting it. I can nourish all that I touch. I am that which Thou art. I am nourishing!”
The Lord Jesus who came to nourish our souls would appreciate this.

Give the Fat Boy the Ball

Do not ever give up in striving for your goals. Believe in yourself, stand up for your right to participate in creativeness even when others do not.
Once there was a chunky boy who was quick and strong with good hands. He loved basketball and wanted to play in the worst way. He practiced hard with another boy all summer to prepare for the Little Dribblers league. He improved his shooting and other skills.
When the League started he got to play but he never got the ball. His team and the opposing team did not pay the fat boy any attention. No one guarded him. The team superstar wouldn’t would not pass to him even when he was wide open.
The fat boy protested this ignoring him to his teammates and the coach in the team huddle. He said that he could help the team win if they would just give him a chance but all disregarded the fat boy. In a latter huddle the fat boy accosted the team’s leader and was ignored again. This time he slugged the team’s superstar in his anger and frustration. The coach threw the fat boy off the team right then. He walked home two miles in the dark, crying at the shame of being thrown off the team.
The young man could have found a better way to protest. But he had spirit and belief in his ability
and he stood up for himself. Those are great basics to have. Another piece of wisdom from this story is: to succeed in life you must help others around you to succeed. Then they in turn will help your success. Don’t disregard the fat boy in your midst. You need his participatory contribution.


Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord Build the house, the builders labor in vain.” By the principle of congruency you can substitute your true self or soul for the Lord here and not change the meaning of the verse. For the Lord or Holy Spirit abides in our true self or soul. From there and the intuitive tools of the subconscious mind the Lord speaks to us the guidance that we need if we will be still and quiet and listen in trust to this inner voice. Often this speaking from our true self manifests itself with a yes or no answer to our questions or situations by a feeling of comfort or discomfort around the area of our heart. Listen carefully and you will learn to live from your soul which is connected to God and it will be the Lord building your life.



From Bendigo Shfter by Louie L’amour page 197 we have this much needed wisdom.
“There can be no living together without understanding and understanding means compromise. Compromise is not a dirty word, it is the cornerstone of civilization, just as politics is the art of making civilization work. Men do not and cannot and hopefully will never think alike, hence each must yield a little in order to avoid a war, to avoid bickering. Men and women meet together and adjust their differences; this is compromise. He who stands unyielding and immovable upon a principle is often a fool, and often bigoted, and usually left standing alone with his principle while other men adjust their differences and go on.”

Don’t be Trumped

Dear Editor,

I do not approve of hardly anything candidate Donald Trump proposes. He often speaks falsely, especially to appeal to Christian Fundamentalists. I desire for him to find the way of love on the spiritual path. His anti-Mexican immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-black, anti progressive, anti-Obama rants are based on falsehoods and fear but they speak to a fearful portion of Americans who are paying dangerous attention. This kind of bigotry will only grow unless we expose and oppose it. His methods and attitudes of campaigning are similar to Adolf Hitler’s in the 1920’s and 30’s which played on the fears and prejudices of a hurting German culture to gain power. We know what happened as Hitler blamed their problems on the Jews. We need to be aware that something similar can happen here. Like Germany we could destroy our culture by persecuting others in our midst to purify our culture.

Alvin Petty,

Being at Home in This World

All people are connected to God in their soul. All are made in God’s image with the potential for both good and evil as both exist in God. This dual potential is a necessity for both God and us, that we may know the difference as free beings. We only know the good by having its opposite to compare it with. We can be like God and choose the good and deny the evil.
We are not automatically separated from God by our sin as the fourth century Augustinian myth teaches. We are all connected to God but certainly many may not be aware of the connection. When we choose to believe that we are connected we become consciously aware that God is in us. This is the God consciousness Jesus had and taught.
When this consciousness dawns on us we begin to feel at home in this world. We begin to feel it is our world because with our consciousness we are co-creators of this world with him. He created the universe solely by His consciousness and we create the spiritual and material affluence around us that we desire by our consciousness. This makes us feel that truly this is our world also.
We are creating our world for good or bad all the time around us. Two women employees of the same large, successful business create a different world around them all the time.
One is sour and negative. She judges all around her all the time. When she catches a fellow employee with no witnesses around she gives them a tongue lashing for their lack of Christian love and neglect of her. The sea of people around her tend divide and flow widely around her because of what emanates from her.
Another woman is full of God consciousness. She thinks of everyone as God’s child. Some are just not aware that they are. Light shines from her whole enthusiastic, loving being. She greets everyone kindly, sincerely, cheerfully. She radiates genuine interest in the people. Folks go out of their way to run over and give her a hug.
Each of these women are creating their own world out of the material around them by the power of their own consciousness but only one is doing it in God Consciousness. We each create material and spiritual affluence around us or the lack thereof.
When God consciousness dawns on us we realize the we are co-creators of the world with God. It truly becomes our world and we are at home in it and shall be able to be at home in the next world.


Quantum physics has proven that atoms can and do exist in two different places at the same time. People can do this to. One of the best documented cases of this was Saint Francis of Paola in 1507. some people came to the church to see him and found him at the altar in a very deep trance like state of prayer. They did not want to disturb him so they slipped quietly outside where they found him standing and talking to locals on the street. They rushed back in the church to see him still in deep prayer at the altar. otherwise. Somehow through a mysterious state of consciousness coupled with deep meditation, Francis had appeared to people in two locations at the same time.
We live in a magical universe which is always open to miracles. Each of us is afield of all possibilities, afield of pure potentiality in our souls. And every soul is connected to God, to the universe. If we choose to consciously believe and live this connection, we are co-creators of our world with God. And there are no limitations to what we may bring forth. Enchantment rules the universe not sin, not even original sin.

A Puppy Dog Tale

Neville was a great philosopher, poet, teacher until his death in 1972. He taught that everything that we experience, all that happens to us comes from our consciousness and nothing else. In speeches and counseling he constantly taught the ways to learn how to use imagination and belief to open the door to miracles in our lives.
Once he counseled a grandmother on ways to solve her financial problem while her nine year old grandson played with his toys on the floor and listened. When Neville had finished, the grandson said now he knew how he was going to get what he wanted! He wanted a dog, which his parents and grandmother had sternly forbidden him to have. He wanted a Collie dog. His consequent actions showed that he had clearly understood Neville’s teaching on using imagination and belief to achieve things.
He began to picture himself playing with the dog he wanted, imagining how much fun it would be to run and romp and roll in the grass with his beautiful collie. He pictured how it would come to greet him when he came home from school. Every night he imagined the dog in bed with him and he pretended to stroke its fur until he fell asleep. He believed he would have that dog.
Six weeks later he won an essay contest on pets at school. His prize was a beautiful collie puppy. His parents let him keep it. This is praying without ceasing. It is the way of believing you have what you ask for already as taught in I Thess. 5: 17 and Mark 11; 24.

One Source

Nearly 5,000 years ago ancient wise men of India began to explore the universe by exploring their own souls and minds in meditation. They came to the insight that the whole universe sprang from one source, an intelligent conscious field that holds everything in existence together. All existence is connected to everything else in this field.
Later the worlds great religions called this one Source, God. Still later in these modern times, physicists have named this creative intelligent field the Unified Field. Max Planck, in 1944, called it the Divine Matrix. They ascribe to it the same attributes as theologians ascribe to God which also happen to be the same qualities the ancient sages used to describe it.

The Power of Strong Emotion

When our strong emotions of either fear or love become attached to a heart felt belief, that belief communicates its emotion to the universe and causes it to respond to our strongly held belief. These strongly felt heart beliefs then have the power to hurt us to death or heal us to life.